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Name:  Bill McGrath

Comments:  Hi, Congrats !!

Name:  StarberryLane

Comments:  Hey Steven!!  Congrats - Love the site and Truly enjoy your music.  You are a simply wonderful musician and songwriter!!  Very happy to call you my friend.

Name:  Liani Muliawati

Comments:  I am Lia, in paltalk I am known as twilight_saga.  I would like to say "congratulations on your launching of new CD Steven (KLAATU)".  I can tell you that you are one of my favorite musicians in the musicians live room.  You are a great musician and have a distinctive awesome voice.  I like listening to your great music.  It's really amazing.  Thank you so much Steven, and God bless you!

Name: Earthspirit

Comments:  Congratulations on your CD Steve, you're a talented musician.  You must feel great about the CD.  I wish you all the best with it & hope it makes you as much money as it did satisfaction.


 Name: SweetSong4Him



Comments:  CONGRATS to the most amazing singer/songwriter I have ever known!  I am so happy for you!  The CD is GREAT and I can't wait to get the next one!  What an awesome achievement!  Love the new website.    Great production Song Tank!




Name: Alan Leichter

Comments:  Steven taught me to play guitar in 1973.  He was a great friend and dedicated musician.

Name: Rachel Parnell

Comments: Congrats on the CD Steven! Can't wait to hear it. Hope to get many more of your CDs to come i hope you put "Reflection" on it, lol.  If not, remember for next time! lol you are very talented musician and a wonderful song writer.  It's always a pleasure hearing you in the room all the best -Rachel AKA purpleblush.

Name: Claudette Paul

Comments: Congratulations on a superb job Steve .. Always enjoy hearing you play and sing ..Your one of the best on Pal.  

Name: Whirli

Comments:  Well done, Steve.  Always a pleasure listening to you.  Love your new music. 


Comments:  Always been the quiet fan in the background.  Good music dude.  Keep it up. 

Name: rhinestonethong

Comments:  Hi Steve, Love ya man.  Nice to have someone to do Beatles marathons with.

Name: tanglewood

Comments:  I came here to listen to your music because of the link in the Musicians Live Room.

Name: Lisa Lynn Cox

Comments:  Love all your music.  You're a talented guy.  Keep spreading your singing sunshine.