What's Happening
     Hey everyone!  First, I want to thank everyone who purchased my CD; "Another Time" either in CD format or in digital format.  The CD was very well received and it is so appreciated.
     I just wanted to fill everyone in on my current endeavors.  I am presently working on what I refer to as my "Beatles Covers Project".  This has me recording some of my favorite Beatles songs.  Though it is a lot of work, I am having so much fun doing it.  I do not have the rights to any of these songs so I can't and won't be selling them but they will be available as a free download, should anyone be interested.  You will find them shortly on this website.  The track listing so far is as follows: 
                            1. If I Fell                                      4. I'll Follow The Sun                         7. You Can't Do That
                            2. Here, There & Everywhere       5. It Won't Be Long                            8. Nowhere Man      
                            3. This Boy                                    6. Drive My Car                                 9. Honey Pie
     Next, and I am ultra-excited to announce that I will begin recording the follow up to my last CD/EP, “Another Time” in approximately a month.  I had announced a few months back that I began recording the first song for the new CD but there was an equipment failure and I had to wait until this was remedied.  So, I will be starting over and hope to have this completed before summer time 2020.  I have not decided  yet whether this will be another EP or a full length CD.
     I will update this page as soon as I have something to say.  Thanks for checking in and please check back for updates.